Hybrid generation

December 08, 2020


Evaluate and model the insertion of hybrid projects in the Brazilian energy market, from the perspective of optimizing transmission systems, synergies with existing projects, enabling investments and reducing fees, in a scenario of modernization of the electrical sector.


  • Evaluation of national and international projects in hybrid power generation
  • Preparation of study of hybrid projects, which include hydropower, wind and/or solar plants and consider: participation in the energy reallocation mechanism
  • Evaluation of the physical guarantee calculation process for projects in general, involving the participation of hydroelectric plants
  • Adequacy of the specificities of association between hydropower plants, object of a concession contract, and authorized plants, such as wind and solar plants
  •  Verification of trading rules to determine position in the short-term market and allocation of taxes and fees
  • Evaluation of the contribution and impact of energy storage systems associated with hybrid projects in the Brazilian energy market
  • Development of a stochastic optimization model for risk/return analysis of hybrid plants
  • Development of contracting structure for energy sales and technical, economic and financial feasibility analysis of hybrid projects
  • Preparation of a study on the inclusion of hybrid projects in the National Interconnected System (SIN), planning the expansion of generation and centralized dispatch of energy carried out by the National System Operator (NOS)
  • Contribution to the improvement of the regulation applied to hybrid plants
  •  Formulation of regulatory adjustments to contribute to the normative process of the Public Consultation – CP-014-2019 Aneel (hybrid plants)

Total investment in the project: R$2,624,561.40
MRTS and FDTE (contracted)
Duration: 2 years

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