Integrity Program

March 03, 2021

Our Integrity Program is based on the principle of doing what is right, not just what the law allows.

We believe that the program’s effectiveness lies in raising the awareness of each individual in our organization, so that together we can build a healthy and ethical environment.

Our program has mechanisms and procedures for integrity, auditing and encouraging reporting of irregularities, in order to ensure that the requirements of conduct and our values are respected by all our employees and related parties.

Respect is one of the fundamental foundations for building this environment, whose preservation is up to all of us.
We continually reinforce our values and our conduct through the Codes of Conduct and Ethics, in addition to various training and communication actions with our employees and related audiences.

Our ethical values are not only encouraged internally. They are also widespread in society. For this reason, we are part of the largest sustainability initiative in the world, the UN Global Compact, and one of the principles of this pact is to mobilize the international business community for practices to fight corruption.

In 2020, the SPIC Brasil group joined the Ethos Institute of Business and Social Responsibility, with the objective of promoting an ethical and transparent business culture, which values a better, fairer and more sustainable society. In recognition of our practices, we received the Clean Company seal – for integrity and against corruption – which aims to promote a more honest and ethical market.

We are concerned with creating and demanding the highest ethical standards in our activities and we have tools to identify deviations.

Available to internal and external audiences, the Ethics Channel, an independent tool that can be used anonymously by the reporter, promotes the conduct of confidential investigations on any suspected violations and/or situations of non-compliance with the Codes of Conduct and Ethics, internal regulations or Brazilian legislation.

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