Monitoring of gases in transformers

June 06, 2021


  • Construction of a prototype capable of monitoring several transformers simultaneously using a single spectrometer, through the spatial optical time-domain multiplexing (TDM) technique
  • Development of a prototype capable of monitoring multiple types of gases (7 + unit): hydrogen, acetylene, carbon monoxide, ethylene, ethane, methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen
  • Study to verify the benefits of allocating a spectrometer away from the chamber to extract the gas phase – the most convenient, safe and free from electromagnetic interference


  • Use of photoacoustic spectroscopy as a method of measuring the content of dissolved gases in transformer insulating oil
  • Monitoring transmission of light through links to special optical fibers by focusing systems
  • Human-machine interface (HMI) for processing and data


Value: R$2,658,694.69
Executed by: USP
Duration: 22 months



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