Technological cooperation project

June 06, 2021

SPIC BRASIL and Cepel/Eletrobras combined resources to promote a program for the exchange of technology experiences in the energy sector.

On 11/26/2020, through the signing of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), which had the participation of the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME), the companies signed an agreement that also seeks to strengthen cooperation between Brazil and China to the development of new technologies and investment opportunities.

  • SPIC HQ has an advanced energy research center
  • Cepel is a national center for research in electrical systems and equipment
  • Both agents have potential synergies by joining forces in the development and application of new technologies, already tested in China, in the context of the Brazilian energy system
  • Initially, we identified the opportunity of developing a project focused on “Smart Energy”

Phase 1: Integrated energy solution – Smart Energy


Systems integration/management objective:

  • Generation / cogeneration
  • Materials development (Graphene)
  • Storage (lithium battery, hydrogen)
  • Electric mobility (car, motorcycle, bicycle)
  • Gas/heating
  • Rational use of water (heating, irrigation and reuse)

Phase 2: Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) Smart Energy for building



  • Provide energy and create comfort for office buildings or homes, based on low carbon, cleanliness and smartness
  • Application in high-end commercial buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, village areas and small high-class communities
  • Integration of different sources for energy supply (natural gas, electricity, cooling and heating, distributed combustion engine, power supply for large networks, photovoltaic storage, geothermal, among others)

Phase 1: Integrated energy solution -Smart Energy


SPIC in China – Integrated Intelligent Energy “5 + 1”:

The thermal insulation and energy-saving solutions, in combination, have transformed the office into a comfortable, energy-saving, low-carbon environment.

  • High efficiency water heating and storage
  • Photovoltaic power generation
  • Charging piles
  • Subsystems for collecting energy consumption information
  • Integrated energy monitoring platform

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