Jogue Duro Contra a covid– 19

May 05, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic, SPIC Brasil has developed several actions to help fight the virus and, especially, to keep its employees safe.

In addition to the medical and psychological service channels for employees and all safety measures, we deliver various materials to employees and the community of São Simão and Mataraca with the campaign Jogue Duro Contra a covid– 19 (Play Hard against Covid-19).

Actions for employees:

Awareness campaign t-shirt and mask kits: Play Hard against Covid-19

Memory game: the necessary guidelines for prevention, such as the use of alcohol, mask and social distance, were playfully reinforced by the material, in addition to being a moment of interaction between employees and their families


And several other materials such as:

  • Personalized deck: with prevention guidelines to be played with the whole family
  • Car Stickers
  • Pizza on weekends: employees also received a weekly pizza voucher, to exchange at pizzerias in the city, as an incentive to stay at home with the family on weekends
  • Netflix Card: they also received a Netflix gift card
  • WhatsApp Video: with prevention reminders

In the communities where we operate, we carry prevention information through:

  • Billboards on city streets

  • Folders and educational posters in the establishments

  • Educational posters in hotels and inns in cities

  • Sanitary mats and door stickers also distributed in hotels and inns

  • Action #SABADOU on the radio with SPIC: in partnership with the city radio, SPIC held a special program on Saturday night. All listeners were invited to offer a song to someone on the “Boteco Serra Dourada” program, which takes place every Saturday
  • Live Streaming Stay at Home with Felipe Ferraz

  • Sound-equipped car in several neighborhoods

In addition to the actions, there were donations of masks, air devices, changes in hospital floors, donation of alcohol gel, among others.

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