Ethics and Integrity

Ethics and integrity are priority topics for SPIC Brasil management and are part of our business strategy. This commitment is reflected in internal actions, with the adoption of standards, instruments and tools that ensure compliance with our purpose; and external actions, with a direct and proactive action with the supply chain and surrounding communities.

The work begins already in the guidelines of the Senior Management and must also permeate the employees’ practices. This way, we conduct training with the internal public to disseminate principles of the Integrity Program, the Code of Conduct and Ethics and compliance standards. We also act to make the market and society aware of the importance of the subject.

As signatories of the Global Compact and members of the Brazil Network Steering Council, we meet the challenge of combating corruption in all its forms. Through participation in working groups, such as Anti-Corruption, we help articulate discussions about combating illicit acts.

We were also involved in relevant international discussions in 2021. Adriana Waltrick was, for example, a member of the roundtables promoted by the Global Compact, an initiative that proposes the holding of events to stimulate dialogues between CEOs of global companies on diverse agendas, including the fight against corruption.

We also adhere to the 100% Transparency Movement, a commitment also signed via the UN Global Compact, with the aim of encouraging companies in Brazil to adopt measures to combat corruption. The idea is that team members assume the goal of being 100% transparent by 2030, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


100% Transparency

We were one of the pioneers to sign the 100% Transparency movement, launched by Network Brazil in 2021. In it, we are publicly committed to the following goals:

  • Goal 1: 100% transparency in interactions with the Public Administration;
  • Goal 2: Remuneration: 100% full remuneration of the administration;
  • Goal 3: 100% of the high-risk value chain trains with integrity;
  • Goal 4: 100% transparency of the Compliance and Governance structure;
  • Goal 5: 100% transparency on reporting channels.

By signing this public commitment, we are committed to setting the times for meeting each of the goals, obeying the following scale:

  • One goal achieved by 2023;
  • Two goals achieved by 2025;
  • Three goals achieved by 2027;
  • Five goals achieved by 2030.

All initiatives reaffirm the goal of incorporating into our business model an ESG strategy that considers the themes of Ethics and Integrity. As part of this agenda, by 2030, we expect to extend these guidelines to all third-party companies with which we relate. We also maintain on the radar the obtainment of the Pro-Ethics seal, granted by the Ethos Institute and the Federal Comptroller General, until 2025.

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