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Inaugurated in 1978, the São Simão Hydropower Plant is located on the border of the States of Minas Gerais and Goiás, between the cities of Santa Vitória (MG) and São Simão (GO). The plant operates with 6 turbines, which generate 1,710 MW, enough energy to supply about 6 million homes.
HPP São Simão lake is capable of storing 2.54% of the volume that can be dammed by the reservoirs of the Southeast/Midwest System, which represents 6.7% of the water storage of the Paranaíba River subsystem. The maximum area flooded by the reservoir is 722 km². Its dam stretches for 3,500 meters in length, and the maximum height is 127 meters.
In September 2017, the plant’s concession was acquired at an auction and its current shareholders are: SPIC Brasil, Zhejiang Energy International, ZLCFB-Hong Kong International Investment Cooperation and CPD Energy Investment Co.
The operation under the new controlling group started in May 2018 and includes a modernization plan that has been generating new jobs in the region.

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