Act with integrity

July 01, 2020

One of SPIC Brasil’s ethical commitments is to always act with integrity and transparency. However, some doubts may arise regarding its concepts and definitions, as well as questions about which attitudes are aligned with the values of SPIC Brasil. Therefore, we will clarify these points below, so that such reflections are part of our daily routine, inside and outside the work environment.

The word integrity comes from the Latin and means the quality of someone to be righteous, an honorable person, of upright conduct, whose nature of actions expresses impartiality, justice, transparency, incorruptibility and reliability. In the corporate context, this characteristic is very well regarded and desired, as it indicates a good reputation with all parties with whom the company relates in the market.

But how do I know if I’m doing the right thing?

We often come across situations that test our conduct (such as appropriating a company object; discriminating against a person based on their color, sexual orientation or gender; accepting a gift from a possible supplier; or obtaining some benefit from making information available, apparently , not relevant), but the most appropriate choice is not always the one that suits us best or the easiest to perform.

Being righteous means taking responsibility for our actions without fear, not hiding behind a veil of social excuses or self-pity.

Just as we don’t like it when we see someone getting an advantage over others at any time, this tends to be a sign that we shouldn’t take it if it were offered to us. Even though no one sees, or many do, wrong is still wrong.

It is important that we constantly reflect on the consequences of our actions – both for ourselves and for the environment in which we operate: be it the company, the family or the community.

To help in this reflection, some questions can be asked before acting, for example: would my conscience say that this action is appropriate?
Would I be comfortable with the consequences of these actions?
Would it be embarrassing for me if my family or friends knew what I did? Did they disapprove of me in any way?
If these actions were reported by the press, would I feel comfortable and at peace?
What do I intend to do in accordance with SPIC Brasil’s Codes of Conduct and Ethics, with its internal regulations and with Brazilian legislation?

The Code of Conduct and Ethics establishes the commitment of systemic action by all employees, shareholders and managers and encourages corporate values based on responsible, ethical and transparent conduct, observing mutual respect, care for the physical, mental and moral integrity of people and preserving the collective well-being. Integrity, one of SPIC Brasil’s values and one of the behaviors expected of its employees and third parties, is everyone’s duty, regardless of environment, position, function or social position. All employees and third parties who observe any irregularity must report it to SPIC Brasil’s Ethics Channel. When reporting, the individual contributes to the inhibition of reprehensible acts and to improve the work environment. Regardless of your profession or place of work, what future do you want to build?

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