Confidential Information

April 21, 2021

Information and technological resources are essential for the strategic, tactical and operational direction of any company. With increasingly competitive markets, information has taken on an even greater role for organizations. Thus, we can consider that certain information has an added value that allows different impacts on a company, and this accentuates the need for all employees to protect the company’s data.

SPIC Brasil’s Code of Conduct and Ethics has a section dedicated to the confidentiality of privileged confidential information, in which guidance is provided on what is expected of the employee’s behavior regarding this topic.

If employees or third parties observe any irregularity, breach of confidentiality of information or inappropriate disclosure, by any means, without proper authorization, we encourage it to be reported on SPIC Brasil’s Ethics Channel.

When reporting, the individual contributes to the inhibition of improper acts related to data security, and this promotes the continuous improvement of the confidentiality procedures for both personal and corporate information.

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