Actions for the preservation and recovery of the reservoir margins of HPP São Simão

March 20, 2021

In order to preserve and recover the reservoir margins, HPP São Simão carries out a series of actions through the Socio-Patrimonial Management Program, the Erosion Monitoring Program and the Ciliary Reforestation Program. All of these programs together are essential for the preservation of the biodiversity of local species and environmental quality.

The Socio-Patrimonial Management Program aims to maintain the safety of the population present in the vicinity of the company and also the environmental compliance of the areas under the company’s concession.

HPP São Simão has a specialized team that carries out periodic inspections and sytudies along the reservoir and its margins, where all existing uses and occupations are identified and registered. In addition, actions are taken to maintain the respectability of the limits of the areas linked to the concession.

The Erosion Monitoring Program aims to observe and understand the dynamics of the erosive processes established in the area surrounding the reservoir to assess whether or not there is a need for the adoption of recovery measures. In the monitoring campaign carried out in August 2020, of the 111 erosive foci identified, 70 points are active, 21 are partially stabilized, and 20 were considered stabilized.

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