Pedro Curcio

February 07, 2024

Pedro Curcio is a professional with extensive experience in the electrical sector, with over 38 years of involvement in the distribution and generation of energy fields. He holds a degree in Administrative Sciences from PUC Campinas and an MBA in Finance and Management, boasting a track record of success in planning and managing companies within the sector.

Pedro played a pivotal role in the renewable energy segment, leading the merger of six companies to create Brazil’s largest renewable energy company. In 2019, he joined SPIC Brazil as Strategy and Innovation Manager and currently holds the position of Director of IT, Processes, and Innovation.

In this role, Pedro is responsible for several key areas, including Information Technology and Innovation. He oversees the PDI ANEEL program and leads the Transformation Office, focusing on planning, analysis, and process improvement, using metrics and goals as a basis to drive organizational progress.

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